Awakening the Divine Union & Toning the 72 Names of God

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When: 16th September 2016, 07:00PM
WHERE: King Henry Hotel, W2 3EA London
COST: £20 plus Vat
CONTACT: admin@modernmysteryschooleu.com

You are invited to participate in a Full moon Ceremony and the toning of the 72 names of God/Goddess, which are the names of creation.

Each name holds a masculine and feminine aspect and are the keys to restoring Divine Union of energies on our planet and within each of us.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the balance of energy between the masculine and the feminine was equal. A divine union existed–a balanced flow of energy between men and women.

Human evolution is designed to experience three cycles. The first is the feminine – this existed at the time of the Goddesses. The second is the masculine, which is what we are now completing. The third cycle is the divine union, which is the balance between the two. In order to bring about this union, we must re-awaken the Divine Feminine to join the Divine Masculine.

The January 2016 Full Moon is Sat, Jan 23rd, peaking at 5:46pm PST. It will be in the early degrees of the sign of Leo, an expansive, charming, and warm energy to kick off this new year. Full moon in Leo brings with it the energy of fire, pleasure, love, entertainment, romance, and more. It is a great time to draw creative energy towards yourself to infuse that into your goals for the coming year.

Come out to join us, immerse yourself in good vibrations, connect with community, and celebrate the Full Moon in an intentional and magickal way.