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Life Activation


The life activation is the first step into living a more fulfilled life.


Clarity. Peace. Direction

The Life Activation is the first step into living a more fulfilled life. This gentle and effective healing will  work both on the conscious and subconscious mind and and amplify the connection to your higher self. The session includes:

  • Several energetic alignments on the physical and spiritual body
  • Purification of the Aura
  • Open and align all of the Chakras
  • Assists in releasing old programming in the subconscious
  • Facilitates in clearing genetic karma
  • Opens your crown chakra to a complete flow of light
  • Empowers you to fulfill your calling in life

The Life activation infuses both the physical and spiritual body, and DNA with light, dissolving blocks and issues within. Weaknesses that we may not have known can be cleaned up by Life Activation, leaving us stronger, healthier and happier than we were before. It’s the first step we take to realising our full potential in this life!


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