Life Activation

Life Activation

Tap in to your potential, remember who you are, balance your energy on every plane and step on to your commissioned path by receiving this ancient and powerful modality.

Previously known as a DNA Activation, this healing modality has been used for thousands of years to awaken and spread light in to both your physical and its mirrored spiritual DNA. Taking this step is the first step to true self empowerment. This is where your physical and spiritual self is awakened to a universe of great mystery, joy and self realisation.

How can I get a ‘Life Activation’?

Life Activations are given by a certified Life Activation practitioner. Life activation practitioners are trained through the Modern Mystery School EU and undergo stringent recertification to ensure that you receive the true modality as it was passed down those thousands of years ago and to ensure that no elements of the human ego have filtered in to an unblemished healing modality. There is a list of Life Activation Practitioners “HERE” that can guide you to your nearest Life Activation Practitioner.

How do I become a Life Activation Practitioner?

The ability to heal and help others comes from the ability to heal and empower yourself first, this is an important rule to remember when starting any path of progression as a healer, here in the Modern Mystery School EU, we hand down powerful and ancient methods that are devoted to self empowerment through “EMPOWER THYSELF”. This step is the first step needed to holding light and facilitating healing for others. Once we are able to hold light for ourselves are we then able to hold light for others. “Empower Thyself” is the first step as an initiate but once this is complete, you will be able to step on to the “HEALERS” path