Welcome To The Modern Mystery School

The Modern Mystery School is an international community and organization for individuals who seek personal development. We believe that all humans have the capacity to live empowered and in joy. At the Modern Mystery School Europe, we believe in empowering others with tools that have been handed down through an ancient lineage. Offering a wide variety of courses, workshops, and events we invite you on this path of spiritual progression.We welcome you on this amazing spiritual journey...


The Modern Mystery School is known throughout the world for our work with Light and Understanding, carrying on an ancient lineage that stretches back more than 3,000 years unchanged and unbroken by time.Ancient teachings in the lineage brings us on to our true path of spiritual progression, giving us the tools to overcome, find true joy within and start to gain our own lives

The Modern Mystery School Europe is a subsidiary of the Modern Mystery School International. The purpose of the Modern Mystery School Europe is to serve, usher in light and awaken people to their true potential and calling in this life. We know that each person on this planet has their role to play in ushering in light, peace on Earth and ultimately Shambala. We welcome one and all to explore their path of progression through service to humanity.

We are entering an exciting period in time where the secrets of creation need to be hidden no longer: humanity is ready to receive them, and for all people to live in a state of peace, harmony and self-fulfilment. This is why the knowledge of the Modern Mystery School has been brought out of secrecy at last, by founder Gudni Gudnason, who took the lineage public several years ago to found the school.


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