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Welcome To The Modern Mystery School

The Modern Mystery School Europe is a subsidiary of the Modern Mystery School International. The purpose of the Modern Mystery School Europe is to serve, usher in light and awaken people to their true potential and calling in this life. We know that each person on this planet has their role to play in ushering in light, peace on Earth and ultimately Shambala. We welcome one and all to explore their path of progression through service to humanity.


The workshop has brought a lot of changes both for me and my wife. The tools are just amazing....
With Martina’s powerful healing’s and support, I was able to pursue my dreams and release what no longer served...
The program was such a wonderful experience. I recommend it to people who are too busy with their lives....


05 Jul

Win over worry

The Modern Mystery School Open Arms
The importance of being able to win in your mind, before you ever begin something is something you
18 Dec

The Winter Solstice

The Modern Mystery School Snowglobe
Yule, the winter solstice, is a time of great symbolism and power.It is also known as the Celebratio

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