What is Universal Kabbalah?

Throughout history, “Kabbalah” has been known to mean “the received tradition.” It is called this as it was handed down to humans from a higher source – and in a way, it is the lens through which all creation can be seen in a different light.

Myths and faiths from all over the world tell of higher beings who reveal the secrets of Heaven to mankind – with unconnected peoples and isolated enclaves all developing the same story. The Modern Mystery School tradition realises that these tales depict the same revelation – the revelation of Kabbalah – and therefore that Universal Kabbalah is universal not just because it applies to the whole world, but because it was given to the whole world.

While “Kabbalah” was first identified as a concept in ancient Judaism, the system itself is much older, dating back to before recorded history, to the primordial Adam Kadmon. Universal Kabbalah and the Hebrew Kabbalah should not be confused – Universal Kabbalah isn’t the property of any one people or any one time period: it is a blueprint for life – a schematic for reading the Universe.

The key facet of Universal Kabbalah is the Tree of Life – also called “the roadmap for life.” Comprised of ten intricately interconnected symbols, this symbol represents the vessels of creation, the aspects of the world and the nature of being, each connected to the other in an exquisite weaving, impossible to untangle.

Handed down to humans at the beginning of time, this complex, multifaceted symbol contains layer upon layer of meaning, and its truest use is as a sort of cypher – a codebreaker for the mysteries of existence. Understanding Kabbalah helps to provide the searcher with the right questions to ask to gain knowledge of the greater mysteries; while the system itself helps to provide the answers.

Through it, we can study the secrets of creation and Divinity, seek the mysteries of the soul and work towards the ascension of the whole world. Through it, we can come to understand our place in all this, and even more crucially, we can come to understand who and what we are. We can come to know ourselves in harmony with the prime commandment and the mission of the Modern Mystery School: “Know Thyself”.

This is by far the most crucial skill for any student of the metaphysical. The ability to understand yourself is the keystone to unlocking your full potential, as is having the right lens to work with. Through understanding the Tree of Life, we can understand its counterparts in the wider world, and gain a deeper wisdom which transcends just one discipline. The answers you seek are within you already – you just need the right set of eyes to see them.

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