Sacred Geometry 6 Class: Core Will Infusion & Activation

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£420.00 Inc VAT


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WHERE: King Henry Hotel, W2 3EA London
COST: £350 plus VAT

Pre-requisite: SG1- 5 & Certified Life Activation Practitioner, & received the Healing

Introductory Price for Group Session (3-4 people): $111/per person
Note: experience an amplified field entrainment through the group activation process

This next phase of Sacred Geometry is an activation that draws the Powers of the Universe into your center and more fully integrates these Powers into your Auric structure.

This session cleans the etheric structure allowing you to become more balanced, have more clarity of life and purpose, further opening your mind and helping you become more naturally aligned with the Core Will of Spirit. By activating sacred symbols into 32 parts of the energy body, the Higher Will energy becomes much stronger within the core of the self. As a result, your spiritual energy within is heightened and your connection to God deepens.

From the Core Will Infusion and Activation you will:

  • Experience a sense of expansion, • Become more in touch with your spirit with
  • Receive greater clarity, and • Experience a deeper sense of reverence for life.
  • Experience add’l holiness infusing your being
In order to attend you must first have received the Healing Session which will be offered in the am at 10 am or 11.30 am.  Please choose your session time when registering for the class.