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Sacred Geometry 5 Class: Fire Soul Infusion & Activation

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WHEN: 10th September 2016
WHERE: King Henry Hotel, W2 3EA London
COST: £350
Pr-requisite: SG1- 4, Certified Life Activation Practitioner, & received the Healing session

Sacred Geometry 5 Class: Fire Soul Infusion & Activation

Introductory Price for Group Session (3-4 people): $111/per person

Note: experience an amplified field entertainment through the group activation process

This session opens up the inner gates of your soul, awakening memory of your divine nature. As these gates open, awareness and perception increase. Sacred symbols that activate the “Fire Soul” are etherically woven into your energy structure. Activating the “Fire Soul” is the first step to truly awakening the Kundalini. 55 sacred geometric symbols are set into your energy field activating the following levels:

  • Inter-Dimensional Connection
  • Spirit Contact
  • Mind – Soul Integration
  • Soul Enrichment
  • Clarity of Thought
  • Awakened Mind
  • Balance in the Body

Learn how to use this process to infuse the energy of spirit into the physical body and re-calibrate the entire magnetic structure.

In order to attend you must first have received the Healing Session which will be offered in the am at 10 am or 11.30 am.  Please choose your session time when registering for the class.