Sacred Geometry 3 Class: Healing & Balancing the Seven Energy Layers of the Aura

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WHERE: King Henry Hotel, W2 3EA London
COST: £200 plus VAT
Pr-requisites: Sacred Geometry1 & 2

This aspect of the Sacred Geometry Healing Series has to do with the sacredness of the human body and the individual. It is a healing modality that works with the seven levels of the human aura in the astral part of existence.

In this healing the client receives powerful energies from the Family of Ra, including the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Ra, Isis, Osiris, Geb, Nut, and Anubis. These energies will redirect, adjust, and heal the aura on the following levels:

• Spirit
• Thinker
• Soul
• Astral
• Action
• Planner
• Dreamer

Sacred Geometry 3 can be done on the self, and is an excellent modality for everyone who is focused on creation and manifestation; perhaps especially Kabbalah students.