Full Moon Ceremony – Gemini Super Moon!

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Moon Meditation

Join us this December 2nd for a full moon celebration to usher in the final SuperMoon of 2017!

This Super Full Moon in Gemini will be guiding us all to reflect on the year gone by and to celebrate our achievements. Life can be reflected upon as simply a string of experiences, creating opportunities for us to learn, grow and know ourselves.

We are here to learn things, to share things, and to expand our wisdom and our hearts. It is important that we individually honor this and the progress we are making. A lot of us may feel that they are behind, or that they should be somewhere that they are not. But we are always right where we need to be.

The intention of this ritual is to celebrate the achievements of the year past. No matter what happened, or what transpired, whether you feel the events were good or bad, you deserve to congratulate yourself for all that you achieved, all that you learned, and all that you experienced.

Join us for this Hermetic Full Moon Celebration and prepare for an adventurous and prosperous 2018!

Saturday December 2nd 7pm – 9pm
Exchange: £12 per person
Location: Henry VIII Hotel, 23 Leinster Gardens, W2 3AN   
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