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Fire and Water ceremony – king henry hotel

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Time: 07:00PM
Venue: King Henry Hotel

Ancient Egyptian Rite for Healing & Harmonizing Masculine & Feminine Energies

It is clear that in order to create a society of balance, harmony, and unity, we must first heal ourselves and our relationships with each other. Both men and women are suffering on our planet today, and it is time to shift the imbalances that cause this pain and conflict.

During this ancient Egyptian Rite for Healing and Harmonization, you will:
• Awaken dignity, respect, love, acceptance and confidence within
• Experience a renewed healing in your inner and outer relationships
• Connect to the God and Goddess Archetypes from the Family of RA
• Become a vessel for more light, love and power to flow into your life
• Learn ancient Egyptian mystery teachings on achieving Divine Union
• Experience divine beauty within, self-acceptance and healing
• Share in a community experience to shift from duality to unity and bring healing to all people on our planet.

The evening teachings and ceremony will be conducted by a High Priest and Priestess of the Egyptian Temple of Bast, specially trained in Egyptian Ceremony and Magic.

Open to all men and women who are ready for healing on the planet and desire to be part of the solution.

All will benefit from the healing energies of weaving the masculine and feminine forces contained within this temple space. By restoring the balance within ourselves we can restore the balance for all humanity.

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