Egyptian Meditation and Ceremony – Awakening the Divine Within

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Ancient Egyptian Ceremony – Awakening The Divine

We are each a divine special unique being. Every one of us was born with our own mission and purpose and hold unique gifts within.
During this ceremony we will each have the opportunity to release and heal our personal unresolved unworthiness issues that hold us back from living as the God Goddess we truly are.

The Ancient Egyptians were masters of living life full of passion, joy and abundance. They accomplished this by knowing their divine origins and expressing this in everything they did. You are invited by the Initiates of the Modern Mystery School to join our circle and participate in an Ancient Egyptian Ceremony to Awaken Divinity Within.

We welcome you to participate in a special ceremony offered here in central London. This ceremony is uniquely personal and offers the opportunity to work with the divine beings in the Family of Ra, Isis and Osiris, to perform and internal alchemical transformation. Together, we will reconnect to our original source of divinity, and create a fountain of your unique Divine Light that can continue to flow into and through your life, your relationships and your community.

Open to all men and women who are ready for healing personally and on a greater scale for the planet, people who desire to be part of the solution. By restoring the balance within ourselves we can restore the balance for all humanity.

Open to all.

Reserve your seat before Tuesday 5th December by emailing: