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1st Feb Wicca Imbolc Ceremony

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This Wiccan Imbolc Ceremony marks the first day of Spring! It is associated with fertility and celebrated as a fire festival. It also acknowledges and celebrates St Bridget known as the Fire Goddess. St Bridget is also known as a Celtic Goddess and the Goddess of Fire, of poetry, healing, childbirth and unity

Take part in meditation and relaxation
Release and transform stress and blockages 
Bring in a renewed energy to infuse in your every day life
Tea and snacks provided
Connect to the powerful energy of this new cycle

It is the Spring Equinox and celebrates the 1st Day of Spring!

Join us for an evening celebration open to all.

Location: Henry VIII Hotel, 23 Leinster Gardens, W2 3AN

Date and Time: Fenruary 1st 7 pm – 9 pm
Exchange: £12
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