Sacred Geometry Series

Sacred Geometry is the building block of our very being. We are a sacred geometrical vehicle, but this is not pure theory, like proportions and degrees on a piece of paper; dead sums and boring geometries. There is an energy behind these lines and shapes that makes us and the world around us, and when we connect with this energy, it re-connects us to the Sacredness of Life: our body – the human temple and the sacredness of the spaces we live in everyday.


The Sacred Geometry series that has been handed down in an ancient lineage is focused on re-connecting you with this sacred energy but even more so, these classes give you tools. These practical tools help you to connect and maintain the Sacredness of the Human being and the Spaces we live in. These are tools you can use on yourself and for others and help you to live successfully and joyfully as spiritual beings who are having a physical experience.


Welcome to this series, and to receiving many tools in the Sacred Geometry Series, where you can create many kinds of sacred spaces and heal the human being on an emotional, spiritual, mental and physical level.


* The knowledge shared in this series has not been published anywhere else in the world.*


Sacred Geometry 1

Learn the foundational information and learn how to create sacred spaces.


Sacred Geometry 2 & Crystal Magick

Learn how to heal the body, mind, emotions & soul using the crystalline structures of crystals and sacred languages (as well as readings & dreaming) as well as learn how to create permanent sacred geometrical grids in your physical spaces. These grids are the same crystalline grids used in all the sacred Temples in Europe! The healings you learn you can do for yourself and for others.


Sacred Geometry 3

Learn how to heal the aura and being using the 3 sacred geometries from heaven and produce profound healing for your being. This is a healing you can do for yourself and for others.


Sacred Geometry 4

Learn to create profound energetic Temples that will elevate your spaces to the highest levels. This is for Initiates only.



From a veterinarian who uses these tools ‘It feels like I am giving my office a hug everyday’.