Prepare for the Full Moon


Each month the Moon makes a full cycle and we prepare today for the moon to return to being full.  When the Moon is full we have the opportunity to allow this light to flow into our lives as the light of the Moon shows us many of the hidden aspects of ourselves.  Each Moon has its own flavour and charges us with different energies.  This month’s Capricorn Full Moon will help us to see how we can make things simpler and live with a freer and less complicated way of life. Its light will help us to rise above the everyday drama that we all too often get caught up in and lose precious time when alternatively we can be having fun and enjoying life more fully.

The full Moon helps us to rebalance ourselves and rejuvenate.  Once we fill ourselves with the light of the full moon we can hold that light within us to guide it all the way to the next full moon.

Take some time today or tomorrow to go outside and connect to the beautiful Capricorn Moon, perhaps take some paper with you and make a list of all you wish to accomplish in the month ahead.  Enjoy the light of the moon and the opportunity to recreate yourself….