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Have you meditated before?

Would you like to meditate but don’t know how to get started?

Do you use meditation to alter your state of mind or relax your body?

We cannot talk enough about meditation and its benefits. Making time to incorporate just 10 minutes of meditation into your daily schedule makes a HUGE difference to your wellbeing and your quality of life. Through focused breathing, we release built up tension in the body, clear a busy mind and let go of unwanted feelings and emotions. There are many articles and studies to back the benefits of meditation and its recorded use over 1,000’s of years.

So what is the number one reason to meditate?

Whether it is to have that valued 10 minutes to yourself to recalibrate in your busy day or to attain higher states of awareness, it all boils down to having, feeling and embodying peace inside ourselves and from that stillness, peace radiates outside of ourselves.

Peace starts within each person, holding that state and practicing how to come back to that state of being centered and still, where everything is ok.

Join us this Wednesday 13th September at 7pm for a group meditation. See below for details.


PEACE Meditation

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Often it is easier to meditate as part of a group, everyone has the same intention and it is a supportive and relaxed experience. With your eyes closed, any apprehension will quickly fade, allowing you to gain the full benefit of the class.

Come to a group meditation for peace, starting with you and your internal wellbeing. Studies have found that when a group of people focus their intention on a quality generation a positive energy, it greatly influences the community around them.

Through peace meditation it is a goal to  Meditation can easily promote a feeling of calm and balance, filtering out to our surroundings and creating a ripple of peace that affects the environment around us.

PEACE Meditation gives you simple and easy techniques to use daily. Manage stress, feel balanced and re-energise. Herbal tea is served before or after so you can soak up the atmosphere and totally relax.

This fully guided meditation is offered weekly and ensures a relaxing and mindful experience.

£10 per meditation class

Wednesday 13th September  7pm – 9pm

Venue: Henry VIII Hotel, 23 Leinster Gardens, W2 3AN