Healers Academy London – Go Beyond Your Limits!

The Healers Academy program that equips you with all you need to set up or enhance your own personal practice and to bring a deep understanding of yourself enabling you to reach beyond your highest potential.
The healings and teachings handed down in the program are over 3,000 years from the Lineage of King Salomon and the Hermetic order which dates back 8,000 years.
However, the magick lies in the fact that, it creates a foundation and deep understanding of the fundamental energies we work with daily in our lives and how to utilise them to their fullest, therefore, elevating you to push through your limits emotionally, mentally, physically.
It is a tremendous healing experience and moves you to a higher platform of understanding of yourself and of your life and world we live in.
Begin your personal journey and discover many more layers and deeper understanding to who you are, what more you can become and how to live a happy and less stressful life with the highest and best success.

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All Classes are held in the Henry VII Hotel, 23 Leinster Gardens, W2 3AN

Become the true healer you know you are! Changing the world starts one person at a time, if you had the chance to change someone’s life, would you?


  • how to activate and awaken other’s life purpose!
  • amazing healing techniques that have worked and been used by healers for 3000 years!
  • about various human energy systems and how they work!
  • how Light can heal and transform people!
  • how you can make a difference in the world!

The Modern Mystery School Healers Academy offers you the tools, skills and techniques to launch your own spiritual business or increase your existing practice!

The Healers Academy begins your incredible personal journey of healing yourself so that you can, in turn, facilitate healing for others. Join the THOUSANDS of Healers working right now to light up the planet and heal the world, one person at a time!

October 11th – 15th 10am – 6pm
Email to register: admin@modernmysteryschooleu.com


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