Full Moon Ceremony – The Barley Moon!

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The September full Moon is usually known as the Full Corn Moon because it traditionally corresponds with the time of harvesting corn or Barley Moon because this is the time to harvest and thresh ripened barley.

Often, the September Moon is also called the Harvest Moon, but this year the Harvest Moon occurs in October.

The Harvest Moon is the Moon that falls nearest the autumnal equinox. It provides the most light at the time when it’s needed most—to complete the harvest!

At this time we will connect and celebrate this full autumn moon to utilise its still and powerful rays to affect our lives and change our energy.

This hermetic ceremony is a pure and powerful way to connect to the phases of the moon and use it for our own empowerment and purpose.

Come to this event and experience this energy for yourself.

” I have found the Full Moon evenings to have a deeply calming and healing effect, like pushing a reset button. I am so grateful for everyone coming together to experience this beautiful energy. Thank you!” Yadahisha

Wednesday 7pm – 9pm
£10 entry
September 6th
Henry VIII Hotel
23 Leinster Gardens, W2 3AN
To register please email – admin@modernmysteryschooleu.com