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We welcome you to our spiritual direction training and the global community of light workers. Being initiated in the ancient initiatory path of service to humanity through coming to know who you truly are, is as much a responsibility as it is an honour. To Know Thyself is to know others and to serve others is to serve thyself. You are welcome on this amazing spiritual journey. We are all reflections of each other so by living in alignment with your true path you will facilitate people and people will help you. Contact us to discover the first step in self discovery and self realisation on your spiritual path.

The Modern Mystery School Europe is a subsidiary of the Modern Mystery School International. The purpose of the Modern Mystery School Europe is to serve, usher in light and awaken people to their true potential and calling in this life. We know that each person on this planet has their role to play in ushering in light, peace on Earth and ultimately Shambala. We welcome one and all to explore their path of progression through service to humanity.

How do we serve?

We at the Modern Mystery School Europe understand that to truly help others is to remind others of their true purpose in this life time. Firstly through training and empowering people with the tools that they need to live in their fullest potential and abundance. Ancient teachings in the lineage that brings us on to our true path of spiritual progression, giving us the tools to overcome, find true joy within and start to gain our own lives back according to our original blueprint, passed down through our classes like the meditation classes London hosts. We believe in empowering others with tools that have been handed down through the lineage, through the brotherhood and sisterhood of light, to this point – a lineage of Kabbalah London can share with the rest of the world.

How do we awaken people to their true potential?

To know ‘thyself’ is to know others and to serve others is to serve ‘thyself’ and it is for this purpose that we have been planted deep in the roots of the European community. To remind people of their spiritual direction, path of progression and to help others come to the realisation that, not only do we serve ourselves when we serve others but in fact, we are all one.

You cannot help others unless you yourself are empowered; once you have found your empowerment, only then can you start the journey of truly helping others while living your life in abundance. Only once you have realised your true spiritual gifts can you start to offer those gifts to your community, as seen in those teachers offering our meditation classes London or the instructors who are passing down the knowledge of Kabbalah London needs to reach the next phase of its spiritual development.

We at the Modern Mystery School Europe have been handed down ancient spiritual training, teachings of self empowerment and healing modalities that you can use to help others step on to their own path of self empowerment along with further teachings, healings and modalities that will bring you in to alignment with your higher self and your spiritual gifts.

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